Outdoor To Do List

April 25th 2017
Outdoor To Do List

  • - Set mower heights from five to six cm for good root development and minimize weed growth.
  • - Mow once a week in spring; cutting too much at once stresses the grass.
  • - Sharpen lawnmower blades - dull blades rip grass, rather than cutting it clean.
  • - If you're in the market for a new mower, check out a mulch mower which chops the clippings up into a fine mulch and blows it down into the lawn.
  • - Fertilize lawn mid to late May with organic slow-release fertilizer.
  • - Use an aerator to open up compacted soil.
  • - Spring is the best times to over seed a lawn using the same type of seed as the rest of the lawn.
  • - Plant new lawns.
  • - Plant bedding plants and patio containers.
  • - Prune back spring-flowering perennials.

An Easy Way to Clean Patio Furniture

It's Just That Easy All Purpose Cleaner comes in an easy to use trigger bottle that you can spray directly onto just about any surface, is environmentally friendly and works well to get rid of algae. On tough soils allow to penetrate for a few minutes before wiping. Do not clean in direct sunlight. You can find at most Windsor Plywood Stores.