Optimizing the Lifespan Your New Barbeque

July 15th 2011
Optimizing the Lifespan Your New Barbeque

If you purchase one of the finest in luxury cars is it service free? Does it never require replacement brakes or tires? Is it indestructible with neglect? Of course not. As long as the environment of a bbq includes intense heat, moisture and corrosive drippings there will be wearing parts that you will want easy access to in years to come.

You have just invested in a high quality BBQ that requires regular cleaning and maintenance. The warranty does not cover damage due to lack of maintenance or grease fires, among other limitations. Lack of maintenance will pit the metal and will compromise the integrity of your BBQ, prematurely destroying your investment.

When you first bring your new BBQ home:

- If you are assembling it yourself, take special note of every bolt hole illustrated on your assembly instructions. Proper placement will ensure it goes together right the first time.
- Over-tightening your hex-bolts as you assemble will result in a squashed look to your BBQ frame. Snug is good enough.
- Always read the manual before you begin using your grill. Pay particular attention to the clearance to combustibles and leak testing.
- Place the sear plates in correctly! Refer to your manual if unsure.
- Position gas supply lines to avoid melted hoses and gas leaks.
- Always remove your warming rack before operating your rear burner! The heat of the rear burner will destroy the rack and this is a user error, not a warranty issue.
- If you have an infrared burner on your BBQ, impact or contact with cold liquid can cause the surface to break. Never throw water into the grill to control flare-ups.
- Never use PLASTIC handled brass bristle brushes to clean your BBQ. The plastic melts when used on a hot grill, and the brass bristles can remain on the grill and enter your food!

Propane Models: Always have all valves in the OFF position before you turn on your propane tank. In addition, turn your propane valve open SLOWLY. Failure to follow either of the above will result in the regulator locking out at low BTUs and therefore low heat. If your BBQ is not getting hot enough to cook on properly, this may be your problem. To reset the regulator disconnect it from the tank for approx. 5 minutes, reconnect, and follow the correct procedure.

How to Clean and Maintain your BBQ: At least every 10 uses you will need to clean the BBQ.

Step 1:  Ensure the BBQ is cold. Using a plastic putty knife, scrape the inside walls and the sear plates of the BBQ, allowing scrapings to fall down into the drip tray.

Step 2:  Stainless steel tube burners: Use a small wire brush to clean over all burner ports; use the same type of motion you would use to clean your teeth! You can also clean build-up from your burner holes by poking them clear with an unfolded paperclip or welding tip cleaner. Unlike low quality burners that develop larger holes as the burner erodes, heavy quality burners maintain their integrity. However, oxidation still builds up on the surface of the burner which can affect performance.

Ceramic infrared burners: Burn off any excess deposits. When the ceramic burner is cool, you can vacuum or blow off any ash build-up. If the screen is deteriorated, they are easy and inexpensive to replace.

Step 3: At this point you can degrease and deep clean your BBQ.

Step 4: Empty out all scrapings and dirt from the bottom drip tray.

Step 5: Replace the aluminum drip tray at least 2 times year or more if necessary.

Step 6: Burn off the BBQ before using it.

Ignitors and electrodes: Because of the harsh environment it is expected on all barbeques that the electrode and collector box of your ignition system may have to be replaced in 2-5 years if they erode or fail to perform. They are inexpensive and easy to replace. Electronic ignitions systems have batteries that will need replacing from time to time; simply unscrew the rubber push button and you will see the battery chamber.

How to restore the WOW to stainless steel:
Be sure to degrease your BBQ first. Then if the stainless steel is yellowed, stained, and discoloured, use Napoleons heavy duty cleaner #N003-0259 works to remove stains easily. For the second step, bring back the original luster of your stainless steel removing fingerprints and smears with 3M Stainless Steel Polish.