Not Enough Hot Water

November 10th 2010
Not Enough Hot Water

Q. We are having hot water issue in our household and I am hoping you can help us!  Every morning when everyone is trying to have showers the first person in the shower gets hot water and anyone following gets a luke warm or a cold shower. The hot water tank is a natural gas type and I am wondering if I should I get a new electric tank?


A. The problem is likely the filler dip tube fell away from the top of the tank allowing water to refill the water tank at the top only not to the bottom where the boiler is located. Hence, when the hot water at the top gets used during the first shower the following showers are getting the cold water refill only (not very comfortable) you may have to replace your hot water tank or request a plumber to remove and replace the dip tube. Get a quotation on both; it may be more practical to replace the tank.

Shell Busey