Noisey Whirlybird Vents

February 10th 2010
Noisey Whirlybird Vents

Q. When we had our roof done a few years ago, we had a turbine vent installed to improve ventilation. My turbine roof vent makes a lot of noise on windy days when it spins. Is there a solution to make it quieter?


A. Often referred to as whirlybird vents, these round metal vents have been installed on many homes to exhaust heat build up in attic cavities using a wind-propelled turbine. The faster the wind speed, the faster the turbine rotates and the noisier they can get. For this reason I recommend installing Whirly Birds with sealed bearings.

The preferred ventilation method in a roof would be through ridge and soffit ventilation which is nearly invisible and creates a system which draws in outside air to replace the warm air in the attic cavity by creating convection and outside air currents.

However, to address an existing noisy turbine, you can lubricate the bearings with a white silicone gel lubricant that comes in a tube. This is available through hardware stores or auto parts retailers. Ensure you do not use lubricant containing Graphite which dries out causing the squeal.

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