Noise - How Can We Soundproof the Floor?

November 12th 2002
Noise - How Can We Soundproof the Floor?

Dear Shell,

We are renovating our bedroom, while we are doing this we would like to add some soundproofing to the floor, (we cannot even watch television in our room without complaints from downstairs), the staff at End of the Roll suggested that we ask you for suggestions on the best way to achieve some soundproofing as it is not an option for us to do any changes from the lower floor.

We have had suggestions to put donaconna on the floor and laying a "best" quality underlay and a "best" quality carpet on top, we have also had suggestions of putting down a concrete backerboard followed by underlay and carpeting.

I listen to your show almost every Sunday but am unable to call in as I am driving truck and do not use a cell-phone, but I do sing along to "Cloverdale Cloverdale Paint". Any suggestions that would help would be greatly appreciated.

Please help,


Dear Jerry,

Thanks for being a regular listener to the Home Discovery Show.

It sounds like you are on the right track. Here's one way to tackle your problem:

1. Apply Donnacona Board over the sub floor plywood.

2. Over that apply 3/8" James Hardie Backer Board.

3. Now find the best quality carpet underpad and carpet.

Special Note: If the noise problem is really bad, you may have to take more drastic action. Many of the high frequency sounds can travel down through the heating duct system and into the suite below. You may want to consider disconnecting the heating system duct work to that room and supplement the heat in that room with an electric wall heater such as Convectair.

"It's Just That Easy!"