New Roof for the Garage

August 26th 2002

Question from John in Loiver, B.C. -----

Dear Shell,

I have a garage that is 20+ years old and the roof (asphalt singles) needs to be replaced. I would like to do the work myself but have never done this type of work before. Where can I go get advice or find instructions?




Dear John,

Almost all shingle manufactures provide installation instructions on the packaging of each bundle of their roofing product. They usually outline how to install the shingles as well as how to prepare the roof sub-straight.

Also, the home improvement store where you purchase the shingles may be able to provide you with an information sheet provided by the manufacturer.

And last but not least, assuming you have access to the internet, type in "install shingles" or something similar into your favorite search engine. (try You'll find lots of articles with illustrations that show how to shingle different types of roofs.

It's Just That Easy!