Need to clean non-slip tile around a pool

February 25th 2003
Need to clean non-slip tile around a pool

Dear Shell,

Our condominium has a very large pool and the tile surrounding it was installed to prevent slipping. It has been very difficult to clean and there are concerns about using cleaners with harsh chemicals. It was suggested recently that we try a product called Oxi and wonder if you know this product or could suggest a solution. Cleaning is an issue but of course, so is the pool environment for everyone particularly with regards to children.



Dear Patricia,

For cleaning areas and changing rooms around swimming pools I would suggest using a product called Pink Solution. It is a non-toxic, environmentally safe product with low PH (in the event that any should get into the pool itself).

Dampen the surface using a hose, apply Pink solution (an enzyme cleaner) full strength with a long handled scrub brush. Allow it to sit for 10 - 15 minutes, scrub again and hose it off.

Note: Do the entire collar around the pool at one time. When you complete the loop you will be ready to scrub again and rinse. For more information on Pink Solution visit their website.

It's Just That Easy!