Musty Odor In Our Crawl Space

April 30th 2003
Musty Odor In Our Crawl Space

To Shell,

We have an old house, quite small and the basement is finished in concrete. There is also a crawl space. We do have a sump pump working but there is a musty odor. I have a small heater to try and keep it dry, but the smell is still there. Is there something I can put in the basement to get rid of the odor. We do not have any windows there. It seems the smell is bad particularly at run off time. I know there is a product for Recreational vehicles called dry ease. Would this work?

Thank you


Hi Karen,

Dryease is much too small of a system to stop the musty odors. Consider a Humidex basement ventilation system. These units are available from Home Hardware or call 1-800-416-9111. (You can also visit their website at Humidex units are available in a number of sizes appropriate for basements and crawlspaces. The best location to install the unit would be in the lowest point of the basement/crawlspace area.

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