Mr. Slim Air Conditioners, Perfect Units For Condo Living

April 25th 2007
Mr. Slim Air Conditioners, Perfect Units For Condo Living

Summer months can be some of the most uncomfortable times in our homes, especially without an air conditioner. Questions about air conditioners fill up our inbox most every summer and here's another one! Let Shell Busey's Home Improvements and Renovations help with figuring out how to keep your home cool!:

Dear Shell,

Q. I have a southern exposure condo that gets very hot in the summer. When I approached my strata council about installing an air conditioner they said that they don't allow window units because of security and noise issues. I am looking for a permanent solution since we are retired and home during the day. Any feedback that I can pass on to my council would be helpful since there are other units in our building faced with the same dilemma.

Irene and Joe

A:  With condo living becoming more and more common for retirees I have come across this question quite often from both residents and strata councils. I would highly suggest you have your council check into the Mitsubishi Mr Slim air conditioning unit. This is a ductless air conditioning system that is designed for homes and condos without using ductwork or windows. The indoor unit mounts on your wall and the outdoor unit which houses the compressor are connected by a small refrigerator line. Your council will be happy to know that unlike like window units, this air conditioning unit is very quiet and will not be a concern for neighbors. For more information go to or contact Mitsubishi directly @ 1-800-361-2251.

Shell Busey