Moisture in my Trailer

November 10th 2010
Moisture in my Trailer

Q. We have purchased an older trailer and when we closed it up for the winter; I noticed that there was a moldy smell. We have tried washing the curtains and cushions, but the smell still remains. Please Help! Any advice would be appreciated.

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A. Reducing the indoor humidity and identifying potential leaks or places where moisture collects will keep your RV or trailer from smelling musty and damp and improve the air quality inside. Just like in your home you will have to reduce the indoor humidity in the RV throughout the year. Over time water and moisture issues that are neglected will also cause other problems such as rot that will damage the structure.

Here are some maintenance items to follow that will help identify the source of the smell and prevent further moisture issues; Inspect and repair water pipes, toilet, bathtub or shower. Check and repair window and vent seals. Annually, inspect walls and roofs for evidence of leaks and seal if necessary. Have mechanical systems serviced annually and replace filters. Installing a humidity control device controlled device for RV's like the "WizzVent" will help to remove the excess humidity. Go to