Marks on a Newly Installed Laminate Floor

June 27th 2002

Question from Russell in Burnaby, B.C. -----

Dear Shell,

I have installed a laminate floor (glue together). Bought from Home Depot, Classic Oak Block. While installing it, I had some white cardboard from the wrapping the planks came in and used it face down with some weight on it for a few days. What has happened looks like there is some "ghosting on the floor". I cannot rub it off as it looks to be underneath the laminate plastic. I have tried TSP, Nail polish remover and Goof Off. Home Depot's simple and brilliant response is to simply return the plank. Not possible as it is glued together in the middle of my living room. Do you have any suggestions?




Dear Russell,

Does the floor take on the proper and natural look when wiped with a damp cloth? If so, my suggestion would be to apply Varathane Renewal Floor Finish System to your new laminated floor. You may be able to convince your supply source to make this available to correct your problem. Flecto Varathane Renewal is a great restoring and protective product for laminated floors.

You might ask your retailer for the contact name of the company that manufactures the product and you can put your question to them. They may have run into this problem in the past and with any luck, have developed a fix that will work for you. If so, please let me know and I'll share it here on our website.

Good luck with your project!

Shell Busey