Make A Table As Good As New - Shell Busey

December 19th 2014
Make A Table As Good As New - Shell Busey



Q:  We were given a lovely old round wood table, but there is just one problem: someone glued arborite to the top.  I cannot imagine why anyone would do this, but I would really like to get it off.  Can you suggest how?




A:  I am sure someone applied arborite for easy maintenance and everyday family use. 


Use a heat gun on hot setting, applying the heat two to three inches from the edge.  This will cause the edge of the plastic laminate to separate from the oak top.  Insert the blade of a putty knife under the laminate as far as you can. 


Using an eye dropper, squeeze drops of contact cement solvent under the loosened edge.  Compress the top with your hand to distribute the solvent (CAUTION: Wear gloves and safety goggles). 


When you have removed the arborite, spread contact cement solvent over the entire surface and work in with a pure bristle brush.  Remove the softened adhesive; you can use a Scotch Brite synthetic pad to remove the last of the residue; then clean the surface with a water-based paint stripper.


When you finished the cleaning process, sand using 100/120 grit sandpaper on a block; wipe clean of all dust particles and finish with a polyurethane semi-gloss finish.