Maintaining and Replacing Baseboard Heaters

November 15th 2016
Maintaining and Replacing Baseboard Heaters

Q:  We are replacing some of our electric baseboard heaters. Would you give us the name of the better, most efficient heaters on the market? Do you have tips on maintaining the baseboard heaters working fine in the rest of the units?

A:  Electric convection heaters do come in a number of sizes/wattages, as well as standard styles. The "Convectair" unit can be installed in the same location as the existing heaters. They will be more energy efficient than baseboard heaters and distribute the heat in the room more efficiently and evenly. Retailers in your area will be listed on their website at

To clean the existing baseboard heaters: Start by shutting the power off at the panel to all heaters. Then take off the metal front housing that covers the heating element. Use a brush attachment to gently vacuum the element's fins. Once they're clean, use needle-nosed pliers to gently straighten any that are crooked, bent or damaged by improper vacuuming. Then snap the panel back on.

Replace all the old thermostats with programmable thermostats, i.e. Honeywell Electric Baseboard Heater Thermostat. The old thermostats used for many electric baseboards are not energy efficient. When purchasing thermostats look for the energy star rated models.

It's just that easy!