Loose Grout On Quarry Floor Tiles

August 28th 2015
Loose Grout On Quarry Floor Tiles



Q:  We have quarry tile floors in our home.  We like the flooring, but have an issue with the area where the tiles butt up to the window frames.  Is it impossible to keep the grout in the space between the tile and the wood frame?



A:  Quarry tiles are normally a half inch thick, making it difficult to get grout to totally fill the crevice between the frames and the tiles.  With expansion of window frames and tile, the grout will eventually crack and come out. 


Clean out all the old grout using a grout removing tool.  Insert a piece of polyethylene foam dowel in the crevice.  Press into the crack using a screw driver leaving one-eighth of an inch to be filled with a coloured silicone seal.  This will allow the window frame and tiles to move and the silicone grout and foam to expand and contract.


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