Liquid Vinyl Coating for Exterior Stucco, Masonry, and Wood

August 11th 2009
Liquid Vinyl Coating for Exterior Stucco, Masonry, and Wood

The long days of summer are great for taking care of many home maintenance items including giving your homes exterior a fresh look. The reason why many of us put off painting our homes is that for one, it's a huge labor intensive task, and for many, the thought of repeating the process within a few years can seem too daunting to even think about beginning.

LIQUID VINYL was originally developed in England in the 1960s, as an extremely thick liquid applied coating system designed to provide long-term protection on exterior surfaces. CHIC (Canadian Home Improvement Centre) have utilized and professionally applied CHIC Liquid Vinyl throughout Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley since 1984.

CHIC Liquid Vinyl is available in any color imaginable, and is not only waterproof, preventing moisture and driving rain from penetrating the surface, its also breathable, which means that moisture can escape from within your wall cavity. This allows the coating to maintain solid adhesion, and prevent substrate damage, which may otherwise result from moisture entrapment.

Stucco is one of the most common finishes that elastomeric coatings are applied to, but CHIC Liquid Vinyl can be applied to all types of surfaces including wood, fibercement (Hardy board), brick, block, stucco, aluminum and vinyl siding.

If you would like a professionally applied coating on your home, Liquid Vinyl is available throughout most of Canada. For more on CHIC or to find a certified Liquid Vinyl dealer in your area, call Shell Busey's Home Services Referral Network toll free at 1 888 266 8806.