Liquid Vinyl & Elastomeric Coating For Stucco Exteriors Are Best

April 24th 2007
Liquid Vinyl & Elastomeric Coating For Stucco Exteriors Are Best

Q: Hello Shell, I am living in a multi unit stucco building in the lower mainland and we are getting quotes to have our building painted. The stucco was painted about six years ago but tiny hairline cracks have come back. We are wondering if you are familiar with a company that that uses a liquid vinyl coating instead of paint. The other company that we are considering uses an Elastomeric Coating. The concern of a few residents is if these coatings are breathable, and the potential for moisture problems in the building envelope. We would like to get a few more quotes and have the project complete before the end of the summer.


A: To begin, I would like to point out that you are considering two products that I highly recommend, since I prefer to coat stucco rather than paint it. Coatings such as Cloverdale Paint's Towerthon Elastomeric and CHIC liquid vinyl will last longer than painting and bridge the small hairline cracks. The common question is "will it breathe once applied to the stucco exterior?"

Both the products in question are highly breathable which helps prevent moisture from becoming trapped inside the wall. It's best to hire a professional painter that is experienced in applying these coatings since the consistency of the product is much thicker than paint and proper preparation is crucial. To find a qualified painter that services your area, contact the HouseSmart Referral Network at 604-542-2236. Painters do book up quickly in the summer so I would suggest you make a decision as soon as possible.