Lifting vinyl covering on cupboard doors

November 10th 2010
Lifting vinyl covering on cupboard doors

Q) We have a problem in our 7 year old home. The vinyl covering is lifting off our cupboard doors. Not on the side, but in the middle. We checked with a local building supply shop and they didn't have any suggestions. We thought that we might be able to force some glue in with a needle to get the vinyl covering to stick to the cupboard doors. What do you think?

A) What is happening is called de-lamination, which unfortunately is not uncommon. This is when the PVC (vinyl) has de-laminated from the cabinet surface of foil wrapped cabinets.

Your best results would be to take the doors off put them in your deepfreeze overnight, if they tighten up it proves the point of expansion and delamination.

To correct this use an iron set at cotton temperature over top of a damp tea towel, press the iron against the door over top of the damp towel for short periods, approximately 15 seconds at a time, until it is fused again.

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