Leaving Wood Untreated Over the Winter

December 9th 2009
Leaving Wood Untreated Over the Winter

Q: I recently purchased a wood swing set and play area for my kids. I am about to assemble it but I won't be treating the wood until the spring. Will it be ok to leave it untreated over the winter? I am wondering what product you would recommend for sealing and protecting the wood from rain and sun exposure.

Dave, Richmond.

A: The product to use is called Penetrol, manufactured by the Flood Paint Company, which is available through paint retailers such as Cloverdale Paint and Home Hardware Stores. You will be fine holding off until the Spring since the materials have likely been designed to withstand the elements. However, it would be best to coat the wood before you assemble the swing set. This way the finish will soak into the areas that aren't normally exposed to the elements directly, giving the entire swing set maximum water protection. Penetrol is a clear finish and will not change the look of the wood underneath and is primarily used as a paint additive. It works very well as a natural wood sealer and primer on its own.

It's just that easy!

Shell Busey