Lead Paint?

December 3rd 2002

Question from Jeff in Creston, B.C. ------

Mr. Busey,

We have just started renovations on our home. The house is 90 plus years old and has plasterboard walls. I would like to sand the joints, prep and repaint the walls, the problem is lead. What precautions must I take in preparing for a new finish? Also I am not 100% sure lead is present but I believe the chances are good. I could use some help ASAP, as the room is completely stripped of all trim.

Thank you.



Dear Jeff:

Most paint stores will have a lead paint test kit. Using a proper facemask and breathing apparatus, sand as required. Follow the sanding by washing the walls with my Shell Busey Home Cleaning Formula, and rinsing well. Prime with all-purpose interior acrylic primer, and finish with best quality acrylic latex wall finish.


“Its Just That Easy”