Laying Vinyl On Vinyl Gives Life To Old Flooring

November 10th 2014
Laying Vinyl On Vinyl Gives Life To Old Flooring



Q: We have vinyl flooring in a small powder room, and it is getting a bit grungy looking. We don't want to spend a lot of money on it right now, as eventually we want to replace all flooring. Is it possible to lay a new layer of vinyl over the old?



A: Yes, you can do this.


Most vinyl or linoleum floors have an embossed pattern or design of some sort. Because of these patterns, it is not advisable to lay new vinyl without some preparation to the old surface. Without proper preparation, the old design can telegraph up through the face of the new floor, causing a lessthan-desirable look.


For best results, wash the old floor with a de-waxing solution. Using a flat trowel, apply a coat of pre-mixed floor leveller over the embossed areas to create a flat surface. Allow to dry well, at least 12 hours before laying the new vinyl floor.