Kitchen floor reconditioning

March 19th 2000
Kitchen floor reconditioning

Winnipeg, MB

Dear Shell,

We are redoing our kitchen and in it we have, old vinyl asbestos tiles, on the floor, I was wondering what the safest, and best way to redo this flooring. I am going to be laying down linoleum, once we figure out how to remove these old tiles. In some areas of the kitchen these old tiles are cracking, and falling apart............PLEASE HELP!!

Thanks, Garry

Dear Garry,

To remove the old vinyl asbestos tiles do not sand with a sanding machine. The best removal procedure is to use a heat gun. Heat the tiles and scrape the tiles off with a long handled scraper. Before laying your new vinyl floor use a floor leveling compound to fill any imperfections in the plywood subfloor. Allow to cure for eight hours, sand if required and proceed to lay your vinyl floor.

It's just that easy.

Shell Busey