Keep Wasps Away

June 19th 2008
Keep Wasps Away

Q. Every spring we have wasps building nests in the eaves above our patio and in our attic. It got so bad that we couldn't even enjoy our patio and it appears we are having the same problem this year. On your radio show, you have talked about a product to make hornets and wasps go away. I recall that it was something that you hang where the wasps are a problem.

A. First, I suggest you contact a local pest control company to get rid of these nests. It's not something that I would recommend homeowners take care of themselves. Once you get rid of the nests you will want to keep them out by sealing the entrance with a poly urethane caulking or exterior wood filler.

We recommend a product called "The Original Waspinator." The Waspinator hangs in the immediate area where the wasps are a problem, simulating a large wasp nest. Wasps are extremely territorial and this imitation wasp's nest sends them in another direction. Available at most garden centres.

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