Keep Birds Out of Dryer Vents

June 16th 2009
Keep Birds Out of Dryer Vents

Q:  We have birds wanting to build a nest in our dryer vent. How can I prevent this from happening?

A:  Make sure any bird nest that may have been built is removed and that you have the vent completely cleaned out. Dryer vents should be cleaned every year to prevent lint building up.

Once the vent is clear you can purchase a plastic vent cover at a hardware or building supply store that has a flap on it. The cover fits onto the end of the exterior dryer vent hose.

When the dryer is operating, it opens and closes when it's not in use. This is simple and inexpensive to install yourself. For best results I recommend the trouble free hood called "The Ultimate Vent."

Call 1-800-313-6223 for more information on this product.

If you require a pest- control or duct-cleaning company in your area to come out before you install the cover, contact The Referral office directly at 604-542-2236.