Is Your Foundation or Concrete Slab Sinking?

May 24th 2007
Is Your Foundation or Concrete Slab Sinking?

Q. It seems like our house has been shifting for years. Our house is a four level split. The doors work fine in the winter but come summer it is hard to open several doors. The outside drains are facing away from the house. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I think it is the telepost - our house is 36 years old but we have never touched the telepost. There has been a crack in the doorway for years and it is getting bigger and the telepost is just below the doorway. I would be more than happy to have someone come down and look at it. There is only one telepost and the floor is uneven off and on.


A. Through out the four seasons the water table in the ground will rise and fall causing footings and concrete slabs (basement floors) to move (upwards under pressure and downwards when water pressure goes down). This is called Hydraulics and this is very common in areas of heavy clay ground content. My suggestion would be to contact the Manitoba Home Builders' Association and request a qualified renovations contractor. Have the contractor visit your home for advice. This may require drainage to be looked at or an adjustment to your telepost. I hope everything goes well.

Shell Busey