Is It Right When You Google It?

February 18th 2014
Is It Right When You Google It?

We have been in the internet world for a number of years now and while it may be wonderful - is the information we get correct or is it Generic?

Over the years we tend to get set in our ways as to just How to, What to and so on and I can honestly say the way you should accept the How to is to respect where the information comes from and realize that we have specialists in so many services that we use day after day. So please folks give some consideration to where the information is coming from; anyone can put information up on a website and I have not seen a company put anything but biased information on their site.

The answer to my question “Is it Right When You Google It” - is no, not always. Why? The best advice I can give here is please always do your due diligence. When you see or read something on google ask the same question to a “real” person that you have confidence in with the hope of clarifying the quality of the product or service.

Let’s use an example; we constantly hear and read about the effects of mold and the health issues attached to it. My question is do we know if it is mold or a common algae spore or one of the really bad molds that can actually be a true health issue. The answer to this question does not come from the internet it has to be researched by a professional industrial hygienist qualified to take samples to a laboratory for testing. This laboratory report will tell you if you have a problem and also information and suggestions as to how to handle the remedial work to rid your home of the contamination. Folks, this cannot be determined by you as a home owner by simply looking at a stain showing up on a ceiling, wall, floor, basement or elsewhere in the home.


We live in an age where there are daily expectations of finding contaminants of some sort anywhere from the top of your home (roof and attic cavity) to the bottom (basement, crawlspaces). I highly respect those who are in a position to advise on these issues and these people are professionals in their field. Please ask advice from a service provider who is qualified in your area of need.