Installing Wall Paper Over Wood Panelling

January 19th 2015
Installing Wall Paper Over Wood Panelling



Q:  The previous owner of our home covered a lot of walls with wood panelling.  This is fine in some rooms, but I would like to put decorative wallpaper in my daughter’s room.  The panelling in that room has grooves in it.  Is it possible to fill the grooves and apply the wallpaper over top?




A:  Yes, you can paper over the vee grooved panelling.  First, wash the panelling with a de-greasing-type cleaner, rinse with clear water and allow to dry thoroughly.


Apply a coat of white wood glue to all the vee joints, seams and any nail holes.  When the glue has dried, apply a coat of lightweight Fillteq filler with a putty knife.  This material will not crack.


Let dry and apply a roller coat of all purpose primer and then wallpaper sizing.  When this is dry, you can apply your wallpaper.


It’s just that easy!