Installing Wall Panelling

October 9th 2014
Installing Wall Panelling



Q: We would like to apply some wall panelling over the gyproc walls in our basement recreation room. Can you give us some helpful hints as to how we should proceed?


A: The first part of the process is to determine the number of panels required. Measure the perimeter of the room and divide by the width of the panel to be used.


Do not deduct for window and door spaces unless they run from ceiling to floor.


To install, start from the centre point on a wall with no windows working in either direction. (Starting at the centre of the wall keeps the panel grain and grooving balanced on the wall.)


Use panel adhesive and coloured nails to install over drywall.


To cut out holes for switch and duplex receptacles, use marking chalk or flour around the switch or duplex boxes. After cutting the panelling to proper height and width, lay it in place and tap over the switch or plug in with the palm of your hand to transfer the powder marking to the back of the panel outlining the piece that you can then cut out with an electric jigsaw.