Installing Sheet Vinyl Flooring

December 9th 2009
Installing Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Q. I am laying a new sheet vinyl floor in a small powder room that is not square. What is the easiest way to measure and cut around the angled walls and nooks and crannies?

A. Vinyl sheet flooring comes in 6 and 12-foot widths so most bathrooms and powder rooms can be covered with one piece. First remove the toilet. Create a template using heavy gloss newspapers or flyers and place over the area where the new flooring will be laid. Tape the pieces together with masking tape creating your pattern. Roll the template up and lay on top of your new sheet vinyl. Cut with nippers allowing a half inch oversize to be trimmed to size later with a sharp utility knife during installation.

When reinstalling the toilet be sure to replace the wax seal. When applying your new wax seal, apply the seal to the base of the toilet before placing over the floor flange.

It's Just That Easy!

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