Installing Ceramic Floor Tile - Can I Have Warm Floors too?

December 3rd 2002

Question from Dwight in Winnipeg, Manitoba -----

Dear Shell:

I plan to install ceramic tile flooring in the kitchen. The subflooring is 3/4 inch plywood with 2 layers of vinyl flooring on it. Do I have to remove the vinyl layers?

Home Depot recommends installing ¼” Rhino Board over the vinyl layers and installing the tile on top of that. Do the seams of Rhino board require taping as well as filling with cement? If so, is drywall tape adequate? What are the advantages of installing heat in the floor? Is it colder than vinyl? Could you tell me the proper sequence of steps to get this job done properly?



Dear Dwight:

1. I would apply Hardie Backer Board over entire floor surface leaving a 1/8” gap between the sheets.
2. Level and fill seams with thin set mortar
3. To heat the floor, consider Nuheat. For more information about this great product, call Nuheat at 1-800-778-9276. This is the answer to making cold ceramic tile floors warm and cozy. Once you have a ceramic floor heated with Nuheat, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.
4. The perceived issue of “cold” ceramic tile is caused by the fact that (without Nuheat) the floor will never get above room temperature which might be as much as 30 degrees colder than your body temperature at 98.6 degrees F.

“Its Just That Easy”