Installing Ceiling Fans

August 9th 2002

Question from Kristie in Vancouver, B.C. -----

We bought a 10 year old condo and decided to replace some of the ceiling fixtures with ceiling fans (with light fixtures). Upon removing the old fixture we discovered that the electrical junction box was plastic versus the metal we expected. Question is: How do we know if it will support the 65 pounds required by the fan?

Thank you!



Dear Kristie,

Ceiling fans require solid mounting to a ceiling joist or to the bottom cord of a truss. In your case, you may have to open up the ceiling around the ceiling box to determine if the box is fastened directly to the joist or bottom cord. If it isnít, you can purchase a special box assembly (carried by most home improvement stores) designed to support a ceiling fan. This will leave you with a bit of a hole around new box assembly. The easiest way to repair this is to purchase a decorative ceiling escutcheon to cover the hole.

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