Installing An Electronic Dehumidistat

January 23rd 2015
Installing An Electronic Dehumidistat



Q: We have a ventilation fan in our bathroom, but cannot seem to get it turned on and off at the proper time. I have heard that there is a unit available to control the fan to go on and off as needed. What product do I need to install?



A: Bathroom and laundry ventilation fans that are not properly operated can cause more discomfort and energy costs than any other mechanical device in a home.


Ventilation fans are installed in windowless bathrooms and laundry rooms to exhaust unwanted odours and moisture.


What you need to do is install an electronic dehumidistat in place of the single-pole toggle switch that now operates the fan. This unit will enable you to set the required relative humidity based on the outside temperature.


For example, if the outside temperature is over zero degrees Celsius, the dehumidistat should have a setting of 45 per cent relative humidity inside the home. This setting will turn the fan on and off automatically.


Here is a video of Shell speaking about an electronic dehumidistat...