Installing a Life Breath Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) System

December 3rd 2002

Question from Steven in Calgary, Alberta -----

Dear Shell:

We are building a new home and planning on putting in a Lifebreath HRV. Is it better to have a fully dedicated system for the HRV, or should I tie the fresh air return of the HRV into the cold air return of the furnace? In a fully dedicated system, how many fresh air return vents would I need in a 2200 square foot house?

Thanks for your help.



Dear Steven:

HRV’s (heat recovery ventilation) can be returned to your furnace return air (called cheater duct) as long as you have a continuous flow furnace motor. For best results when building a new home, install a complete dedicated system.

Information on Lifebreath HRV’s can be found on my website,, under “Heat Recovery Ventilation” within the referral network area. A qualified HVAC contractor must do the calculation of sizing and the number of returns.

Good Luck, you’re on the right track.


“Its Just That Easy”