Installing A Laminate Floor

March 7th 2005
Installing A Laminate Floor

Dear Shell,

Please help me to level my concrete floor. I would like to install a wood laminate floor. My problem is that some of the floor area is 1/4 inch lower than the other area. Is it okay to install the laminated floor on an uneven floor? If not can you please give me some advice on how to solve this problem?


Dear Aniano,

Laminate flooring over concrete must be installed on a level dry surface. First etch the concrete floor with a muriatic acid wash. Rinse well. Apply bonded topping mix to the area that requires levelling. Please follow the instructions on the Target product bag. Allow the topping mix to cure for seven days. When you are ready to install the laminate flooring please be sure that you get the manufacturer's installation instructions. Most installation instructions will require a sheet of 6 mil poly over the concrete first followed by an underpad material, and then the laminate flooring product. Visit the website for some helpful information on laminate flooring.

It's Just That Easy,