Install a Bathroom Fan

November 5th 2002

Question from Debbie in Winnipeg,Manitoba -----


I am going to renovate the bathroom in my 50 year old home. I would like to install a bathroom fan. The roof has a 1 1/2' overhang. My question is where should the fan be vented? Through the ceiling and roof, through the outside wall under the overhang of the roof or I heard the fan should be vented through the wall, to the basement and through the cement wall similar to the dryer vent.




To Debbie,

The best location for a bathroom fan is where the moist air can be exhausted with the least amount of ducting (the shorter the run the better), usually through the outside wall. Most building supply stores have through-the-wall exhaust vent systems with a minimum 110 cubic feet per minute and controlled by a de-humidistat rated at less than one sonne (a sonne is a meaure of noise level... you are more likely to use it if it's nice and quiet!)

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