Improving the R factor in the attic

December 16th 2009
Improving the R factor in the attic

Q. I would like to improve the R factor in my attic. The problem is that when the home was built there were no insulation stops installed. I would like to put them on both sides of the house to improve the ventilation. The soffits and gables are all open to the attic and a thermostat controlled power vent was installed when the new shingles went on. Any help on how I can do the insulation stops in the tight spots of the attic would be appreciated.

A. To get into the tight areas you might try a trash picker (a long shaft with a grip on the handle that activates a clamp to pick up trash.) This is the same tool you see crews use to pick up garbage along roadways. Use the trash picker to reach over the insulation area and slip in the insulation stops. Excessive insulation can be removed with the trash picker as well.

I would also recommend that you draft proof all ceiling light fixtures with polyurethane foam to stop air from carrying moisture through into the attic cavity. As well, all electrical wiring and plumbing pipes in partition walls should be spray foam sealed.

It's Just that Easy!

Shell Busey