Ice Build-Up on the Roof

November 5th 2002

Question from John in Cranbrook, B.C. -----


I have had a problem with ice build up on my roof. This happens where there is a valley on the roof with a skylight near the valley. I have installed 2 whirlybird vents but the problem still exists. The roof has soffit venting all around as well as vents on the gables. I read an article on Solar powered roof vent, Solar Star. Are these vents beneficial and would they stop the ice from building up during winter?




To John,

Your problem is probably not the sky light but rather air leakage around your sky light and other ceiling accesses. Contact Resources Canada and order a brochure entitled “Air Leakage.”

Follow the simple instructions outlined in this brochure and you should be able to put a stop to your ice problems. You can call using their Toll-Free number at 1-800-387-2000

Best regards,