I Need A Thick Clear Coat for a Pebble Floor

October 16th 2002

Question from James on Pender Island, B.C.-----

To Shell,

We have an unusual bathroom floor in our new house. It consists of a bed of 1 inch of special mortar, and the surface is of exposed pebbles selected for their size and colour, and these are embedded on the surface of the mortar, in eye-appealing patterns. I would like to put a clear coat of some substance, about 1/8th" thick to cover and seal the floor. What would you suggest might be the best solution?



To James,

The product I would recommend for this type of application would be Envirotex, a self-leveling product simulating about 50 coats of urethane. The phone number to find out more about this product is 250-655-3722.

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