I Need a Damper for my Furnace

March 20th 2003
I Need a Damper for my Furnace

Dear Shell,

I have seen ads for Furnace dampers, which will help keep the basement warm and save up to 20% on heating costs. Just what are cold air furnace dampers, how do they work and is it worth it?



Hi John,

Hoyme Manufacturing makes a product called the Hoyme Motorized Furnace Damper. They are based in Camrose Alberta and serve all of Canada. For more information, call 1-800-661-7382.

The Hoyme Damper is designed to shut off cold air from entering the furnace make up air vent when the furnace burner is off. This stops the drafty air from entering your home. A Hoyme Damper can make your home more comfortable as well as help save on heating costs.

When the burner comes back on, the damper opens and allows combustion air and fresh air to enter home.