How To Treat a New Wood Deck

February 19th 2010
How To Treat a New Wood Deck

Finishing Procedure For New Wood Decks:

This procedure applies to treating or staining all wood decks built at least one foot or more above grade level and is appropriate for the following wood species:

Treated Lumber
Western Red Cedar

Note: If you build your deck at grade level or less than one foot off the ground, all joists must be made of pressure treated lumber. You’ll get a longer lasting deck and peace of mind if you use pressure treated lumber for all decks built at grade level or within one foot of grade level.

Finishing Procedure:

1. Resist the urge to complete the building of your deck before treating the wood.

2. Lay out all deck boards on top of the joist system with the side that you select for the top surface facing down.

3. Use a felt tipped marker, mark the bottom side of each piece of wood so that you will know which side is up when you’re finished.

4. Use a deck wash or stain prep (mill glaze remover). Wash and rinse all six sides of each board and when finished, return them to “bottom side up”. Allow them to dry.

5. Whether you like a natural wood finish, stain or paint finish The Flood Product line has a number of options available to you. Spray or brush on a the finish of your choice. When you’re finished, place the deck boards right side up.

6. Now you’re ready to fasten the deck boards into place with galvanized nails.

7. Complete the finishing procedure by applying one or more additional coats to the finished top side.

Additional Comments:

Treated Lumber – There’s no need to let treated lumber sit without finishing for any length of time. Some people are of the opinion that you have to let treated lumber “cure” or “season” prior to finishing. This isn’t the case.

-  Always use an oil based finish for the first application of a finish on all species of wood.
-  Never apply a wood finish in the bright, hot sunlight.
-  Always read information on container before starting project and it should be 50 degrees or warmer.
-  For more information on the Flood Product Line go to your nearest Cloverdale Paint or Windsor Plywood Stores.

It's just that easy!