How to Stain or Paint a Fence

June 29th 2005
How to Stain or Paint a Fence

1. Mow, rake, weed or spray weed killer to get rid of any leaves, grass or weeds near the base of a fence. Lay a drop cloth below the fence.

2. Clean wood fence and remove any loose paint with either a power washer or a hose with a power nozzle, scrub brush and detergent/water solution. Using a paint scrapers remove any remaining loose paint. Feather any raised paint edges into the adjacent area with a power sander. To kill any mould or mildew on the fence, sponge on a 50/50 bleach-water solution on the areas.

3. Use a roller, pad or sprayer to paint/stain large flat wooden fences. Apply paint with either an airless model of paint sprayer or a high volume low-pressure sprayer. Catch drips or work paint into difficult areas with a brush.

4. After painting/staining the fencing, wash the roller frame and pan with either paint thinner or water. This depends on the type of paint applied. Follow the manufacturers directions to clean spray equipment.

What Paint or Stain to Use:

Painting new wood fence material: Apply alkyd exterior primer or oil based semi transparent stain.

Painting previously alkyd painted fencing: Apply acrylic latex exterior paint or acrylic solid color stain.

Painting: Not aware of what has previously been used on the fence. Follow the procedures as for new wood.


Mower, rake, weeding tool or weed killer, drop cloth, power washer, and goggles, garden hose & nozzle, bucket & scrub brush, paint scrapers, metal file, electric finishing, or random orbit sander, wire brush, paint applicators.

"It's Just That Easy"