How To Sound Proof a Laundry Room?

February 23rd 2009
How To Sound Proof a Laundry Room?

Front-loading washing machines make less racket!

Q: I am turning an upstairs closet into a laundry closet for a stacking washer/dryer. Do you have any ideas for the floor and/or insulating the closet to reduce vibrations and noise? The room under the closet has exposed ceiling joists.

Also, do you have a preference between the energy-efficient front-loading machine, and the top-loader models that are less expensive?

A: To soundproof the closet that will house your new washer and dryer, use a Roxul Safe 'n' Sound rock wool insulation that is denser than thermal wall insulation, which makes it a very effective sound barrier, in addition to being moisture resistant.

To go one step further, instead of finishing with standard drywall, use a soundproof drywall that is perfect for remodelling; it's available through Dryco. They also have installation information available on their website at

Regarding your inquiry about top-loaders versus front-loaders: Compared with top-loaders, in addition to being more energy-efficient, front-load washing machines have many advantages: they are quieter, use less water and do not have agitators, so they spin more rapidly than top loaders, which reduces drying time and protects clothes.

They also offer larger load capacity so, overall, the extra cost now will save time and money later. Be sure to choose an Energy Star Rated unit.