How To Repair Vinyl Flooring That Is Curling

November 21st 2006
How To Repair Vinyl Flooring That Is Curling

Q. The vinyl flooring butting up to the shower stall and the exterior doors has loosened and has curled up, what product and method do I use to restick/seal this lifting vinyl?

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Hello Sandy,

A. To start your project, vacuum along the curled vinyl, ensuring all dust and residual have been removed, from under the vinyl floor. Using your hair dryer warm the curled area of the vinyl, making it very warm and flexible, pull back and apply a full strength coat of Weldbond all purpose adhesive. Push flooring back into place (it may require more heat) then tack or put weight on the area with books or something of similar weight over night. Once it has cured, clean with warm water. Finish off by caulking with silicone bath and tile caulking.

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