How To Repair Holes In Vinyl Siding

October 8th 2015
How To Repair Holes In Vinyl Siding



Q: We have some holes in the vinyl siding on our home. I have searched everywhere to find a replacement piece of siding to match the existing 25 year old vinyl but it seems to be an impossible task. Is there some way to repair the holes?




A: It will be next to impossible to find a match to replace an older by now faded vinyl siding. Since replacing the entire piece is not an option you can fill the holes with a colour matched caulking. Siding suppliers carry caulking to match various shades of siding. I would suggest taking a piece of siding or at best a photo with you when you go to look for caulking. This will help to get the best match.


First clean the area well with cotton balls soaked in Methal Hydrate or rubbing alcohol. Squirt the caulking into the hole to fill the area behind the opening. If the hole is large you may need to put a piece of foam backer rod to act as a stop when applying the caulking. The less caulking you get on the siding the less obvious the repair will be so try not to smear too much on the surrounding area. Let the caulking cure for at least a few days and then you can scrape of any hardened areas.

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