How To Repair Eroded and Pitted Concrete Sidewalk

April 11th 2018
How To Repair Eroded and Pitted Concrete Sidewalk

Q)   Hi Shell: My front sidewalk is in so-so shape, with some sections having an eroded/pitted surface. Would it make sense to have a sealing product, such as epoxy, applied to my walk to renew it? It is a 40' walk, so I hesitate to have it replaced.  The concrete only has a crack here and there, so I would save money by using a surface treatment.   Thanks


A)  Old concrete surfaces can be damaged very easily if you use a power washer to clean.  They will become very pitted and attract algae looking very unattractive.  To give your sidewalk a new look follow these instructions:

1 – Clean the surface with my Shell Busey Home Cleaning Formula available at most building supply stores (throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley).  Wash and rinse well and allow to dry overnight.

2 – The products required are the following:

          i – Top-N-Bond Cement Mix or Bonded Topping Mix

          ii – White wash melamine brush

          iii – Concrete Sealer

          iiii – Heavy knap roller and tray


-         Best time to do this project is in the morning (not raining) when concrete is cool.

-         Mix Top-N-Bond to a thin slurry (like a milkshake).  Puddle out on surface and spread with the white wash melamine brush.

-         Allow to cure for over 24 hours.

-         Apply water sealer with roller from paint tray and give two applications – 4 hours apart.

It’s just that easy!