How to remove duckweed from your pond

August 11th 2011
How to remove duckweed from your pond

We recently received a call to our office from a homeowner who wanted to know how to get rid of the duckweed he had in his pond.

We checked with our HouseSmart Referral Network member, Potters for their feedback, since this is a question they must hear from time-to-time.

Here is their expert advice.

Duck weed eradication is a multi-faceted endeavor. The most effective measure is to simply get a pond net and continue scooping the floaters out every few days. This will get rid of 99% of your duckweed. Other things you can do:

- Remove overhanging branches from trees near your pond. Dropped leaves help nourish the duck weed. Exposing the duck weed to full sun and wind can also make it harder for it to grow.
- Get a bubble aerator for the pond. Adding oxygen to the pond makes it harder for duck weed to grow.
- Get some koi or goldfish that can use the duckweed as a food source.

As far as they know there are no available chemicals that will take care of duck weed so it is mostly just manual labour!