How To Prepare and Paint Your Vinyl Siding

January 9th 2015
How To Prepare and Paint Your Vinyl Siding

Q:  Our house has vinyl siding. We would like to paint it. What type of preparation should we do and what is the best type of paint to use?


Vinyl and aluminum siding should be washed yearly to remove the residual of the environment stopping the corrosive effect of acid rain and the fading from the sun's ultra violet rays.


Before painting aluminum or vinyl siding clean thoroughly with my home cleaning formula.

Aluminum and vinyl sidings are both affected by the heat of the sun causing expansion in the daytime and contraction caused by the cooling in the evening. Therefore neither aluminum or vinyl should be painted a colour darker than the original colour of the siding. This is to stop any wrinkling in the siding caused by a darker colour expanding under sunny conditions as the siding was originally nailed compensating for the expansion and contraction of the original colour.

Many paint manufacturers produce paints specifically for aluminum and vinyl siding such as Cloverdale Paints EcoLogic acrylic latex Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Paint. These can be applied by roller, brush or sprayer.