How To Insulate Basement Floor

February 4th 2016
How To Insulate Basement Floor

Below grade concrete basement floors tend to be very uncomfortable to walk on because they tend to be cold.  When the time comes to develop the basement area you will want to warm the floors as best as you can.  First wash the painted or unpainted concrete surface with my Home Cleaning Formula (Follow mixing instructions on side of can and use hot water).  Scrub well and rinse with clear water.  Allow to dry 12 hours.

To give the floor a warm feeling, first install a layer of DELTA®-FL.   DELTA®-FL is a uniquely dimpled, heavy-duty grey plastic membrane that keeps you and your family warm and comfortable in your basement, or any room in the house with a concrete, slab-on-grade floor. The membrane is installed with its dimples down to create a 5/16-inch thick air space above the slab, and can be covered with a plywood subfloor and topped off with carpet or flooring systems.

Install 3/8" or 5/8" plywood over top of the DELTA®-FL.  You can install the underpad and carpet over top of the 3/8" plywood.  Use 5/8" plywood if you want to lay ceramic tile, vinyl tile or vinyl sheet floor, but you must first apply an approved rigid sheet underlayment on the plywood.

You can also use a product called DRIcore to insulate a concrete floor.  DRIcore has an OSB subfloor already attached, so no need to purchase plywood if you are using the DRIcore product.

Here is a video of Shell installing the Delta MS product, Delta has since developed an indoor specific waterproofing membrane, the DELTA®-FL.