How to create a non slip surface

June 13th 2012
How to create a non slip surface

Q. I have three children and I am very nervous about some slippery outdoor wood steps off my deck. Is there any way I can create a non-slip surface other than applying that rough black tape. Will a deck stain mixed with sand work or is there a product that will achieve this goal?


A. To create a safer non slip surface, one option would be to nail roof shingles to the steps. The other option would be to add crushed walnuts or course silica sand to exterior deck paint or stain. Ducan carries both exterior deck stains and anti-slip additives. When using these non slip additives, ensure you stir often while applying your finish.

Another option is a product called 'GripStrip". A GripStrip™ measures 2” x 32” and is produced in Canada with recycled plastic. When properly installed and maintained, GripStrips provide safer footing and may help prevent slips and falls. They are tough, long lasting, re-usable and GripStrips are resistant to weather, pressure washing, shovelling and even salting - no peeling or ripping.