How often should we clean our heating ducts?

November 5th 2012
How often should we clean our heating ducts?

Q: I have been getting conflicting stories from family & friends and would like to know if it really is necessary to have my heating ducts cleaned after extensive renovations? Also how often should one have them cleaned?

Betty – North Vancouver

A: Not only is it a good idea to have them cleaned after renovations as debris and dust will find it’s way into the heating ducts but it should also be done when you purchase or have a new home built.

As for how often they should be cleaned really depends on the health of your household, if you or someone in your home have allergies, then they should be done more often than if you are in good health. Under normal circumstances every two to three years is advised.

If you are having your furnace up-graded to a more efficient heating system, before it is installed you should have your heating ducts cleaned and of course after any type of renovation that is causing a lot of dust from drywall and plaster jobs.

Should you live in the Lower Mainland we have a company called Alpha Carpet Cleaning on our referral network, they have the proper truck mounted equipment to do the job right. They also offer dryer vent cleaning, which is something people often forget is important to maintain and this should be done at least once a year, another sign to look for when your clothes are taking longer to dry than normal.

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