How Do We Refresh Old Oak Trim?

October 16th 2002

Question from Colleen in Naniamo, B.C. -----

Hi Shell,

Thanks for all your help for us home-improvers. A simple question, but we are stumped for the answer. In our kitchen, we have quite a lot of oak wood trim around our kitchen cabinets and countertops. It is 14 years old, getting dirty, and in need of new staining. What product would you suggest we clean this wood with, and what stain would work the best.

Thank you,



Dear Colleen,

To clean the wood surfaces rub down the entire cabinets using Contact Cement Solvent and Super Fine Steel Wool (0000). Rinse with damp warm cloth and allow to dry. Apply a light coat of Bri-Wax using Super Fine Steel Wool (0000) doing approx. 2 to 3 square feet at a time. Allow to dry. Buff with a soft cloth (i.e. Cheese Cloth or Flannel).

Note: Bri Wax comes in colours clear, light brown, dark brown, golden oak and antique mahogany available at Windsor Plywood, Home Hardware and Rona Revy.

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